Friday, January 30, 2015

Essential Oils/ Homeopathic Healing

I wanted to share my journey with Essential Oils and natural healing with you so far. First of all, I have a little bit of a wrap sheet when it comes to health problems. In no way am I anti modern medicine. More than anything I wish the two fields would come together to treat the body as a whole in the best way possible. Anyway, after having antibiotics shoved down my throat for my sinus problems for a few years, not getting better, having them totally mess up my system and just having one surgery after another I decided to go see a naturopath.  I was extremely skeptical. But I was also desperate. I couldn't function, was throwing up any new antibiotics, my body wasn't responding to them and i'd become quite depressed. So my mom took me to see a naturopath that was in Rexburg. She doesn't really do the homeopathic healing thing, but she took me. I didn't tell him ANYTHING about myself or my health problems. He proceeded to use *muscle testing to diagnose my health issues. He named all of the existing ones I knew I had and then some.  He knew I had pre-diabetes, thyroid problems, infection and a lot of other things.  One of the diagnosis was an imbalance in my body was caused by candida. An overgrowth of yeast in my body due to a compromised immune system that no longer could fight as the good flora in my body had been wiped out so many times by antibiotics. I saw him for a few years.  Gradually my health got better and better. I still struggle with sinusitis but seeing that doctor was my first experience with a full body, homeopathic approach to healing. At one point he pinpointed some things I needed to forgive others for that were holding me back in my own relationships.  I didn't understand why over and over i'd fall for these guys that didn't care about me and used me while having someone else in mind. After working with him to forgive my heart was opened and I met Danny shortly after.  All through this process I still remained a little bit of a skeptic. Granted, the supplements weren't always a magic fix but almost always I felt much better as I worked with him to get my systems back in order.   Mostly I was skeptical because I just can't see  or the solid proof of the technique. But I do believe that the spirit and body make up the soul and that one effects the other. He helped me to improve my health and I was in a good place at the time I met Danny.

*Muscle Testing:

Based on the concept of internal energy fundamental to traditional Chinese medicine, muscle testing is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs. It involves testing the body’s responses when applying slight pressure to a large muscle, to provide information on energy blockages, the functioning of the organs, nutritional deficiencies, and food sensitivities, among other things. It can also be used to test the body’s responses to herbs and other remedies.

Fast forward a couple of years. A friend of mine became certified in the body code. I still considered myself an open minded skeptic at that point but again, I saw results. And often times I KNEW where she was going with things. Just like i'd know what medicines my body needed when my naturopath would "ask" my body.  While Danny was deployed I went through a lot of different emotions. I missed him terribly, pregnancy was hard and  I struggled. The strongest emotion I felt in his absence was abandonment. Know what emotion has come up again and again as my friend does work for little Rowan? Yup. Abandonment that he felt while in the womb. Anyway she's helped us a lot with different things and just like my naturopath she has pinpointed specific emotions and toxins tied to specific times in my life that I knew exactly what she was talking about. Some pretty personal and emotional or spiritual. I know that the main belief behind the body code is understanding how our emotions effect our body and cause ailments. It involves releasing those negative feelings and toxins within us to restore health. I still don't understand quite how all of the body code works but my friend sent me a book on it called "Feelings Buried Alive" I plan on reading very soon.

I've continued to try and steer clear of antibiotics whenever I can. At one point in our marriage I was diagnosed with a bladder disease and told to take an antibiotic after each time my husband and I were intimate. This frustrated me beyond belief.  I knew what would happen if I followed the doctors orders and I refused to do it. Danny was frustrated that I didn't listen to the doctor but you know what? I've found much more relief for that condition by watching what I eat than I ever did with medication.  Although I do suffer from my existing health issues I don't get sick from bugs near as often as I used to. My immune system has come back somewhat and its really been a blessing.

Now we come to essential oils. I was in the same frame of mind with them as with the naturopath and his muscle testing, and the body code. Skeptical.  Again, because I didn't understand them. I kind of have one foot in both camps. I eat clean sometimes. I use natural organic stuff  and steer clear of toxins sometimes… but I also take a lot of medication. And I HATE it. I had been interested in learning about essential oils for some time and after having a few suggested to me, just in passing for pregnancy related issues I decided to try them. I ran into a deal on baby steals and ordered 4 oils. But I couldn't find out ANY information on the oils, how to use them or if the company even existed. The more I poked around on line the more I began to wonder if these oils were even any good. Eventually I ordered a Starter Kit from Young Living. It came with a diffuser and 11 different oils to try along with some samples and a lot of information on how to use them.  I took me a little bit of time to trust that the oils could do the job. I found myself taking tylenol along WITH my oils for a headache.  I started using their resources to find out what oils to treat what ailment and started using them regularly. But I still wasn't sold, mainly wasn't sure I wanted to pay so much. I found one company out of Idaho and ordered a few of them. And… they just didn't seem to help that much. I researched the company and just wasn't convinced. So I started really digging into what made a pure pure therapeutic grade oil, how they worked, the science behind the oils and so on. After understanding Young Livings Seed To Seal Promise and doing my own little tests on my Idaho oils I decided I'd stick with Young Living.

So how have the oils I got in my starter kit helped me?

Headaches: Pan Away and peppermint often help with headaches, depending on what kind.

Neck pain: Pan Away

Sinus pain and headaches: Moving to FL has been so hard on my allergies. Its green and lush and blooming outside and basically poison for me. Along with my sinus problems being magnified by pregnancy its been a real issue. So what helps? The Allergy Trio. Peppermint, Lemon, and Lavender. If I dutifully apply this to my forehead, nose and behind my ears I DO NOT experience the awful sinus pain in my face or sinus headaches that have been so constant.

Sore throat: Constant post nasal drip means I usually sore throat. I apply purification to my neck in front of my throat and its gone. Just gone. It seems like magic and still is crazy to me but wow. It WORKS.

IC/bladder disease: I haven't treated many flares with oils but Lemongrass on my tummy helps as well as drinking the NingXia  Red.

Asthma attacks: Allergy blend plus a blend called R.C.

Congestion: Allergy blend, or just peppermint.

Acne: Ugh. Pregnancy has given me the worst acne of my life! I made a little moisturizer cream with Frankincense, Tea Tree oil, Purification.. and lavender? I can't remember now. I use it to remove my makeup and to moisturize. Now to kill those nasty zit spots I am using strait tea tree oil also to treat the zits. It seems to be helping.

Pregnancy Carpel Tunnel: Yeah. I've used Valor, pan away, lemongrass and peppermint. All to either reduce swelling or treat pain. It's dong much better.

Husband snoring: Valor.

A cold: Rowan had a cold and I put thieves on the bottom of his feet to fight it and boost his immune system.

Depression: Joy and grapefruit

WOW. I'm sure I could keep going if I could remember how many of them I've used! I really hope to have essential oils help me to come off of my medications after baby boy 2.0 is born. I'm really seeing how amazing and effective they are and i'm working to eliminate medications use only these pure, healthy, natural, oils.  Its so exciting! To think… if I could not have to take 2 allergy meds, metformin, levothyroxine and then all of the others i'm on for pregnancy? It'd be so awesome! 


  1. Sorry for the bad writing lately. Seems like the nap time window gets shorter and my list of to do's during it gets longer.. and looonger.

  2. can oils help with thyroid issues? i had to take synthroid when i was prego and actually need to get it checked since all the females in my family now take it full time. i had never even thought about oils in place of it though...i don't know as much as you, but i do love them!

  3. Lindsey, YES!!! There's an essential oils EndoFlex that is for balancing hormones. There is a list of single oils as well that are helpful depending on if you have hypo or hyper but the EndoFlex is recommended for both. It's in my wish list of oils, I have been on thyroid medication since middle school and seriously, I cannot wait to have this baby and try using oils to get off of my meds. (I would do it now but it just is so wacky with pregnancy I want to wait.) I have seen a number of people say they got off of their thyroid meds using oils on my drop talk group page. One I messaged privately also said she started eating healthier as well but I know you run and stuff! If you want me to look up any more info or which ones are specifically recommended for which one you have or if you want to join the Drop Talk group and see what others have used let me know! I'd be happy to help.

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