Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rowan's Room

I read a blog post a couple of days ago on enjoying this stage with your child. You know the type. The type that make you feel guilty, like you can't possibly enjoy them enough amongst all of the stressful tantrums, messes, and sticky fingers. Because you can't get time back. Because you still have to buy groceries, fix meals, do dishes and laundry... I usually really hate these kinds of articles. Just because I have bad days doesn't mean I don't enjoy our little son. Hindsight is 20/20 for everyone and I know i'll miss these days. I even miss yesterday but I only have today. This article at least gave some tips that I hadn't considered before and some of them I actually liked and didn't come with a healthy helping of guilt! One of the suggestions was to take a photo of your child's room because it won't be something you remember. So today after cleaning his room and organizing all of his toys again- he's been tearing the place apart during "nap time" since getting a toddler bed, I took some pics! It was fun and his room is nothing amazing, but, I enjoyed photographing it and am glad i'll get to look back on these. After taking a few photo's from my own perspective I took a few from how Rowan sees his room. Enjoy!

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